Friday, August 17, 1990

Echo The Sun (Sobek 90)

Echo The Sun (Sobek 90) 41 M 3.25, Yellow Self, Dor Dip Ext Noc
Purity * Stella De Oro

This was one of the plants that taught me a seldom discussed truth about Stella -- that Stella carries genes for fantastic bud count! I have had 61 buds on a single scape of this cultivar. A tall (40 inches or so) background landscaper in a clear bright sunshine yellow with no lemon or gold in it, this is a rare shade of yellow. I have only one other cultivar in the yard with this color: Stevens' tet Sunkissed Love. With all the yellow breeding going on you wonder why so much that is released is lemon. I once made a cross on Echo The Sun pollinating every flower on the clump for just two days. There were 32 flowers all-told; all 32 podded, resulting in a harvest of 1100 seeds!

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