Monday, February 3, 2014

Matte Rouge (Sobek '14)

MATTE ROUGE (Sobek '14) 33” E 4.25" DOR DIP
Rosy red with a matte finish; yellow-green throat. Lightly ruffled. The throat color extends into the midribs. 97-44b: (((City of Sin x (Gunmetal x By the Riverside) x Jonette)) X Elijah).  5 branches 32 buds

Moro Orange (Sobek '14)

MORO ORANGE (Sobek '14)  28” E 3 5/8" DOR DIP
Orange with faint purple overlay; throat green deep in heart. Ruffled. Nocturnal Sdlg# 06-56 ((((Iron Maiden x (Corky x Pardon Me)) x In Strawberry Time))) X Huben Sdlg).  3 branches, 14 buds.

Catching the Moon (Sobek '14)

CATCHING THE MOON (Sobek '14) 27” E 4 5/8" DOR DIP
Primrose yellow self. Ruffled. Nocturnal. 03-12a: (Busting Out All Over X Tuscawilla Tranquility). 4 branches, 25 buds.

Corde Pareille (Sobek '14)

Corde Pareille (Sobek '14)  36” M 4.5" DOR TET 5 branches, 25 buds; Deep saturated velvety red; green throat.(Clump picture slightly overexposed; single flower color more accurate.) Ruffled. The white edge is sometimes more prominent. 04-T10b:  Bama Bound X (Broadway Valentine x Season's Greetings)