Sunday, August 19, 1984

Friday, August 17, 1984

With Bells On (Sobek 84)

With Bells On (Sobek 84) 37 M 5, Rose w'Wine Eye, Evr Dip

Toy Trumpets (Sobek 84)

Toy Trumpets (Sobek 84) 33 M 2.63, Yellow Self, Dor Dip
Corky * Purity

Toy Trumpets: The favorite of all my introductions, it is the hardest to fault. From an odd-ball cross of chest-high altissima hybrid Purity with multiflora-branched miniature Corky came many seedling with a similar fault; they combined the height of Purity with the thin scapes of Corky and promptly fell over. Toy Trumpets did not. With clear light-to-medium yellow miniature trumpets this plant is a study in grace. Its foliage has vase-shaped fans framing thin but very erect 30 inch scapes with wonderful branching and budcount. The scape count per clump is very high also. Extremely dormant. This plant is enormously weather and pest resistant. I know of nothing else like it!

Pumpkin Time (Sobek 84)

Pumpkin Time (Sobek 84) 37 L Bu 5.25, Orange Self, Dor Dip
Cartwheels * Burning Daylight