Sunday, August 17, 2003

Merlin's Moth (Sobek 03)

Merlin's Moth (Sobek 03) 48 ML 5.1, Black Self, Dor Dip

Fraises Au Lait (Sobek 03)

Fraises Au Lait (Sobek 03) 36 M 3.75, Pink w'Red Eye, Dor Dip
(Ice Carnival * Soothing Touch) * Lullaby Baby

I don't understand why, after the hard-fought advances in pink clarity made by the Spaldings, we've accepted mud back in our pink lines. One highly touted pink that shall remain nameless is currently being used in both dip and tet lines apparently to dull
what the Spaldings brightened. Hasn't anyone kept Joyful Occasion for a standard? Or Sarah Sikes' Jonette?
This one is really, really clean! Its lineage has two Spaldings.

Back To School (Sobek 03)

Back To School (Sobek 03) 42 VL 4, Red Self, Dor Dip