Friday, August 17, 1990

Cool Spice (Sobek 90)

Cool Spice (Sobek 90) 36 M 5.25, YellowGreen Self, Dor Dip Noc Ext Fra
White Formal * seedling

Cool Spice: This is my second favorite of all. Its place in the garden might be similar to that of old Hyperion. Like that old chestnut it is very fragrant, it is an even greener cool- yellow, and where I think it beats all comers is its 36 hour bloom. It is a nocturnal that opens 8 p.m. on day one and is still out at 8 a.m. on day three. I have occasionally accidentally repollinated a cross done the day before. It is narrow-segmented but not a spider. Although individual scapes might have a bud-count only in the upper teens, the very high scape count and staggered bud opening give you a lot of flowers for a very long time. Very fertile and an important breeder and landscaper.

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