Thursday, December 31, 2015


I began breeding daylilies in 1972, just three years after I began crossing bearded irises. I had no goals at the outset. I made lots of crosses in a wide range of color and shape classes; probably 1/3 of my crossing was tet at the outset. Because I basically came to prefer dips and also because I had more initial success with them, the tet breeding dwindled, actually disappearing totally for a while from 1985-1988, to come back somewhat in recent years.

In 1990 I reviewed my breeding to see where I had actually gone up to that point and decided that my crosses could be placed in four subdivisions:

* early and rebloom (lumped together because crosses in rebloom lines will often give good earlies which fail to rebloom)
* mid-season, color-clarification
* species and near-species lines
* lates

Reviewing recently in more detail where that has taken me over the last decade, I'd say I have about six main sub areas:

* rebloom lines in colors other than yellows
* mid-season pink diploids
* early red dips
* trumpets in colors other than yellows
* greenish-yellows dips and tets, in any season
* lates and very lates in all colors, both dips and tets

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