Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Seventh Inning Stretch (Sobek 05)

Seventh Inning Stretch (Sobek 05) 33 VL 4, Red Self, Dor Dip

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Mike Huben said...

Curt Turner writes:

"As is typical with Bob, his daylily names add to the appreciation of his plants. Being a Red Sox baseball fan, I enjoy that this late-season one is still blooming nicely as I write this on August 20, 2008, is tall, and is a rich red color with the picture being representative. I consider myself fortunate that Bob offered this to me in trade for Gabriel's Weathervane as I am not sure that it would have otherwise come to my attention. SEVENTH INNING STRETCH's branching , bud count, flower size and bloom spacing are ample and appropriate to the height of the plant. Fertile both ways, it is a perfect daylily for both the display gardener and the hybridizer. I would add that it would take flower-show prizes if flower shows were held this time of year. Bobbie Brooks makes a good point that because Bob works a lot with earlies and lates, his excellent hybridizing results may be overlooked and under-appreciated. A great cultivar, SEVENTH INNING STRETCH it is right up there with TOY TRUMPETS as my favorite Sobek daylilies."