Thursday, December 31, 2015


I began breeding daylilies in 1972, just three years after I began crossing bearded irises. I had no goals at the outset. I made lots of crosses in a wide range of color and shape classes; probably 1/3 of my crossing was tet at the outset. Because I basically came to prefer dips and also because I had more initial success with them, the tet breeding dwindled, actually disappearing totally for a while from 1985-1988, to come back somewhat in recent years.

In 1990 I reviewed my breeding to see where I had actually gone up to that point and decided that my crosses could be placed in four subdivisions:

* early and rebloom (lumped together because crosses in rebloom lines will often give good earlies which fail to rebloom)
* mid-season, color-clarification
* species and near-species lines
* lates

Reviewing recently in more detail where that has taken me over the last decade, I'd say I have about six main sub areas:

* rebloom lines in colors other than yellows
* mid-season pink diploids
* early red dips
* trumpets in colors other than yellows
* greenish-yellows dips and tets, in any season
* lates and very lates in all colors, both dips and tets

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sobek pink seedling

 Sobek 11-?       unknown parentage

Sobek 11-81

                                                                Sobek 11-81    02-86d X 02-25

Sobek 11-53

                                                    Sobek 11-53      First Rose of Summer X 04-85

Sobek 11-47

                                                       Sobek 11-47 (rebloomer)     08-32a X 04-85

Sobek 11-44

                                                        Sobek 11-44     05-21b X Height of Fashion

Sobek 11-22

                                                             Sobek 11-22    Masked Bandit X 05-4b

Sobek 11-20c

                                                             Sobek 11-20c     08-23c X 06-37

Sobek 10-T9

                                             Sobek 10-T9     Promise to Behave X Ashwood Still Night

Sob 10-1c

                                                       Sobek 10-1c     Fraises au Lait X Huben 519l

Sobek 09-39b


                                                              Sobek 09-39b   Crazy Kids X 04-101

Sobek 09-35

                                                                Sobek 09-35     04-99a X 03-51d

Sobek 09-18b

                                                              Sobek 09-18b          04-31c X 00-42

Sobek 05-111

                                            Sobek 05-111     74-16b (Cool Spice sib) X Meadow White

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sept Ember (Sobek '15)

SEPT EMBER (Sobek'15) 36" VL 5.75" DOR TET Dark red with yellow-green throat. Pinhill Claret Symphony X Red Flat Fred. 14 buds.

Sea Shapes (Sobek '15)

SEA SHAPES (Sobek '15) 33" VL 5 1/2" DOR DIP
Melon polychrome including throat. Vermont Dimpled Cheeks (unregistered) X Biding My Time. 33 buds. Fertile both ways

Plum Tardy (Sobek '15)

PLUM TARDY (Sobek '15) 38" VL 5.5" DOR DIP.
Plum purple with green throat. 96-41b [FFO 9/10] Darrow Sdlg Olallie Beta X Glowing Remembrance. 16 buds

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sobek 09-76

Sobek 09-76     01-45b X 03-78b

Sobek 11-T4a

Sobek 11-T4a     Miss Elly X Sapphire Skies

Sobek 11-54a

Sobek 11-54a     Cassidy X 03-78b

Sobek 10-18a re

Sobek 10-18a re    02-3a X 06-36

Sobek 11-20a re

Sobek 11-20a re         08-23c X 06-37

Sobek 11-11a

Sobek 11-11a  re       04-31a X 06-36

Sobek 10-46

Sobek 10-46      05-98 X 03-53

Sobek 10-32 (?)

Sobek 10-32 (?)       Parentage in question.

Sobek 10-14a

Sobek 10-14a      05-21b X 00-42

Sobek 09-9

Sobek 09-9       02-1 X 00-55a

Sobek 08-28c

Sobek 08-28c    88-17k X Huben 316f

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sobek 95-51a

Sobek 95-51a     Carol Sing X By The Riverside

Monday, February 3, 2014

Matte Rouge (Sobek '14)

MATTE ROUGE (Sobek '14) 33” E 4.25" DOR DIP
Rosy red with a matte finish; yellow-green throat. Lightly ruffled. The throat color extends into the midribs. 97-44b: (((City of Sin x (Gunmetal x By the Riverside) x Jonette)) X Elijah).  5 branches 32 buds

Moro Orange (Sobek '14)

MORO ORANGE (Sobek '14)  28” E 3 5/8" DOR DIP
Orange with faint purple overlay; throat green deep in heart. Ruffled. Nocturnal Sdlg# 06-56 ((((Iron Maiden x (Corky x Pardon Me)) x In Strawberry Time))) X Huben Sdlg).  3 branches, 14 buds.

Catching the Moon (Sobek '14)

CATCHING THE MOON (Sobek '14) 27” E 4 5/8" DOR DIP
Primrose yellow self. Ruffled. Nocturnal. 03-12a: (Busting Out All Over X Tuscawilla Tranquility). 4 branches, 25 buds.

Corde Pareille (Sobek '14)

Corde Pareille (Sobek '14)  36” M 4.5" DOR TET 5 branches, 25 buds; Deep saturated velvety red; green throat.(Clump picture slightly overexposed; single flower color more accurate.) Ruffled. The white edge is sometimes more prominent. 04-T10b:  Bama Bound X (Broadway Valentine x Season's Greetings)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

About This Web Site

Many hybridizers toil in regional obscurity, producing what are commonly known as "regional treasures": varieties with exceptional qualities that go unrecognized outside their home clubs. The New England Daylily Society has its share, and one of the foremost is my daylily mentor, Bob Sobek.

Bob is resolutely unwired, and so I have taken it upon myself to create a small site for him and his creations. Bob was persuaded to write a description of his breeding program and descriptions of his cultivars.

One caveat: it is nearly impossible to get the colors right in these images. Cameras often change the colors, and monitors vary all over the map.

I've slapped together this web site with Blogger. I'll continue to add things, but I expect Bob to edit these entries to add information and descriptions of his introductions and seedlings.

Amusingly, I've posted all the introductions with the date set to the year of introduction, so that they can be viewed in order of introduction.

I've copied in a few posts from the online daylily robin in 1999 that were about Bob. They're in the Welcome index.

I welcome other materiel for this site: I can append other photos and comments about the cultivars. Please contribute: if you email them to me, I'll put them in.

Mike Huben

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sobek 10-1a

Sobek 10-1a   Fraises au Lait X Huben 519l

Sobek 08-42a

Sobek 08-42a   (Rebloomer)  (90-36a x Frequent Flyer) X (Siloam Royalty x Frequent Flyer)

Sobek 11-12b

Sobek 11-12b   (Rebloomer)  (ESP x Vanilla Stella) X (05-26 x Huben 422f)

Sobek 09-71

Sobek 09-71   98-69 X Siloam Orange Splash

Sobek 10-1f

Sobek 10-1f   Fraises au Lait X Huben 519l

Sobek 09-43e

Sobek 09-43e   (79-19 X His Servant's Hand)

Sobek 09-76

Sobek 09-76   (01-45b X 03-78b)

Sobek 10-12a

Sobek 10-12a  (rebloomer)  (My Complimentary x Rosy Returns) X (Fraises au Lait x 95-31b)

Sobek 08-38A

Sobek 08-38A   (rebloomer) (Bill Crocker x Red Dundancy) X Huben 316F

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sobek 09-34a

Sobek-09-34a    (Night Dreams x Crazy Kids) X (Baby Bear x "Early Burgandy")

Sobek 08-62

Sobek 08-62    (99-9a X 02-6a)

Sobek 08-19a

Sobek 08-19a    (Over There x Red Dundancy) X (Red Dundancy x Here Comes Santa Claus)

Sobek 08-18c

Sobek 08-18c     ESP X Vanilla Stella

Sobek 06-90

 Sobek 06-90    Baby Bear X Corky